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An Actor’s Journey

Act (noun) – something you just do. This is a multiplatform series exploring my journey into performing a character, in this case, Falstaff from William Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part 1. These parts can be enjoyed in any order but I still created one to help those who are indecisive 🙂 Part 1: Prepare Part 2:Continue reading “An Actor’s Journey”

Sunday Picnics

Student name: Josephine Lee (510436717) Work Title: Sunday Picnics Description: A young woman has weekly Sunday picnics with her friend who has depression to help prevent her from committing suicide. Duration: 2min 23 seconds

Audio Production

Student Name: Josephine Wei-Wen Lee Student Number: 510436717 Audio Slideshow Title: Tom’s First Time Being Brewed Duration: 1:00 min

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